Volkswagen Group And Xanadu Sign Partnership To Launch A New Battery Program

October 23rd, 2022 by

Photo credit: Volkswagen

Volkswagen together with the Canadian company Xanadu take a very important leap into future Asia by establishing a program that offers to improve the performance of quantum algorithms aimed at simulating battery materials. Volkswagen and Xanadu’s new quantum simulation program aims to reduce computational costs and accelerate Volkswagen’s adoption of quantum computers to improve the quality of battery materials, making them safer, lighter, and more affordable.  Xanadu is one of the leading companies specializing in quantum software and hardware around the world located in Canada and aims to build computers that are efficient and affordable for people around the world. This great company opened its doors in 2016. Now let’s talk more about the new quantum simulation program for Volkswagen and Xanadu batteries.

The most challenging for the whole industry and this project is to perform an efficient and accurate simulation of battery materials, but thanks to the advent of quantum computers the industry will benefit greatly from this technology because quantum computers are fault tolerant. Despite the great success of classical methods such as density functional theory, these methods have had limitations in critical research areas, and the new quantum simulation technology will allow better simulation of battery materials.

“With its NEW AUTO strategy, Volkswagen is entering new territory, especially when it comes to exploring opportunities along the battery value chain. Next-generation high-performance materials and electrochemical processes are key ingredients of this expedition,” announced Dr. Nikolai Ardey, head of Volkswagen Group Innovation.

Volkswagen Group and Xanadu have been involved in research in different domains since last year such as materials science, computational chemistry, battery technology, and quantum algorithms, thanks to the research in these domains both companies were able to lay the foundation for the program’s long-term research efforts. The goal of the joint program is to achieve the development of advanced quantum algorithms that aid the simulation process of battery materials to be processed on Xanadu’s state-of-the-art quantum computers.

In the process of battery materials discovery, the program will also conduct research on computational problems where quantum computing stands out as having the best prospects in the massive field. Volkswagen Group seeks to become the most sustainable provider of data and software for mobility and thanks to the realization of this new program together with the Canadian quantum technology company Xanadu will be able to achieve this great goal and demonstrates Volkswagen’s commitment to becoming one of the leaders in the development of batteries as well as in the application of quantum computing.

This year Volkswagen AG and the Government of Canada will join forces to investigate opportunities for Canada to contribute to Volkswagen’s global and regional battery supply chains. Such an opportunity comes as both parties signed a memorandum of understanding to increase electric mobility in the country. Canada’s major investment in quantum technology has brought world-class talent to the country and built a quantum ecosystem, making Canada a leader in the field of quantum technology.

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