The Evolution of The Volkswagen Car Key

October 22nd, 2021 by

Photo credit: Volkswagen

Volkswagen was first founded back in the early 1930s and began the evolution of not only their vehicles but their accessories. By accessories, we are talking about the sole component that we use every day to power the vehicle, the key! Yes, the key fob does more than just power the car, while it has many functions the key fob is the only piece of the vehicle we take with us when we exit the vehicle. The evolution of the classic car key has been drastically changed from metal to a compact mini computer, let us take a look at how the key fob began and where it has progressed till this day. 

Back in the early 1930s Volkswagen started the production of the first standard key, with the iconic Beetle. Throughout the 1950s to the late 1970s Volkswagen designed 13 different key models. All 13 keys were uniquely designed with a different two-letter code that corresponded with its specific lock it was matched to. Volkswagen also listed the code of the key somewhere inconspicuous in the vehicle. The keys began with a stamp of the Volkswagen logo, and as the automaker progressed they upgraded to a cut-out emblem on the head of the key.

“The key has come a long way,” said Louis Fourie, past president of Society of Automotive Historians. “From the lever and push button start of early vehicles and the steering column lock on the early Beetles, to the key fobs with a proximity feature and now mobile keys, the evolution of the car key has made it as convenient as can be for drivers.”

Not too long after that Volkswagen released the iconic switchblade key fob, at a press of the button the metal key would flip out of the key ready to be placed into the ignition. Many automakers began to use the same switchblade key fob and eventually, it became a standard all over the world. The key pops out of a remote-locking fob giving the key fob a new sleek look without any key exposed and is still very popular to this day. By the early 2000s, Volkswagen advanced their technology to smart keys which had no need to be inserted into the ignition to turn on the engine. Marking the beginning of a new era where drivers could keep the key fobs in their pocket or bag while the vehicle could recognize the key and allow the driver to turn the vehicle on. 

The newer vehicles in the ID.Family utilize keyless entry to enable seamless entry into the vehicle. Owners of any vehicle in the ID.Family can use their smartphone as a remote control to manage functions like climate control, route planning, and they can monitor their current charge level. Buyers will have access to use the We Connect ID. app to link to their vehicle from anywhere no matter what the distance is. So if there’s any concern the vehicle was left unlocked, owners can simply access their app and lock the car remotely. Volkswagen’s key design has come a long way from a single metal key to a smart key, and now with app-based keys on the horizon, Volkswagen sets to look toward the future to enhance safety, convenience, and technology for all of its drivers. Interested in driving an all-new Volkswagen vehicle?

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