Volkswagen Sets The Stage For All-New ID.7

January 13th, 2023 by

Photo credit: Volkswagen

The big CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event has already set the stage to present Volkswagen’s first all-electric sedan the ID.7, the event took place in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8. Volkswagen’s new ID.7 is inspired by the modular electric powertrain (MEB) and is also featured with an intelligent camouflage covering that uses a special one-of-a-kind technology. The vehicle has a multi-layer paint finish that helps to create various light effects on different parts of the sedan. This multi-layered paint is what most characterizes the new Volkswagen ID.7 and symbolizes the next step in the future of digitalization for the new flagship model of Volkswagen’s EV family. The AERO concept vehicle got its first presentation in China and showed the new aerodynamic design of the new model, powerful enough to reach up to 700 kilometers. After a 6-year break Volkswagen Group of America returns to the world’s largest product trade show CES presenting the new ID.7, Volkswagen’s first all-electric sedan. 

The new ID.7 offers a greatly improved user experience as Volkswagen has heeded the suggestions of its customers by meeting the needs of customers with its latest MEB model. Volkswagen’s new all-electric sedan features new upgrades such as a new display concept, an augmented reality head-up display, a 38-centimeter touchscreen, digitally controlled air vents, and illuminated touch sliders. The sedan’s new air conditioning system features intelligent air vents, and the ID.7 has very special features such as being able to detect when the driver approaches the vehicle with their key, allowing the sedan to cool the interior on the hottest days or heat the interior on rainy days long before the driver gets into the vehicle. The most outstanding feature of the ID.7’s new intelligent air fan is that the fan can control the airflow in the vehicle and can move dynamically to distribute the air over larger areas much faster. 

“With the new ID.7, we are expanding our range of electric models into the upper segments. The sedan will offer first-class technology and quality. The ID.7 is one of 10 new electric models we plan to launch by 2026. Our goal? To deliver the right products for our customers in every segment,” announced Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars.

The new Volkswagen ID.7 will be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas. The new sedan’s new digital design features a unique paint scheme that brings great illumination to the vehicle in an interactive way. The number of layers that were applied to the design of the ID.7 is 40 layers that are conductive and others that have isolation capabilities. The driver will be able to control 22 different areas of the vehicle which are electrified underneath the top layer of paint achieving an electroluminescence effect and allowing the different layers of paint to illuminate. The sedan features QR codes on the hood that provide an interface that connects the physical world with the digital world, taking the vehicle’s camouflage to another level. 

The most striking physical features of Volkswagen’s new all-electric ID.7 are the forward and aerodynamic roof, which help reduce energy consumption and increase the vehicle’s range. At the front of the sedan are air intakes that help to correctly guide the air flowing through them, creating an air curtain that calms the airflow to the sides of the vehicle. At the rear, the coupe-like sloping roof gives the vehicle a good drag coefficient. Like its predecessors in Volkswagen’s electric family, the ID.7 bases its architecture on that of Volkswagen’s MEB models. One of the great advantages of having short overhangs and a long wheelbase of 116.9 inches is that the interior of the sedan becomes much more spacious, giving the feeling of being inside a luxury sedan. 

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