Volkswagen Group Announces New Change in Management Team

June 22nd, 2023 by

Photo credit: Volkswagen 

The Volkswagen Group announced a key change in the management team. Lars Korinth has been appointed as the new Head of Investor Relations, effective autumn 2023. Korinth will succeed Julian Krell, who decided to leave the company at his request on June 30, 2023. The Volkswagen Group continues to be committed to strong investor relations and its ongoing search for highly qualified professionals to lead strategic areas within the organization. Lars Korinth is an ideal candidate for this position, as he has extensive experience in the field of investor relations. 

Korinth is well known at Volkswagen, previously holding the position of senior investor relations manager at the company. Their success in that position led to him assuming the role of head of investor relations at TRATON SE, which provided him with valuable insight and knowledge of the industry. Now, Korinth returns to Volkswagen with a fresh outlook and a wealth of experience in investor relations management. In his new position, Korinth will report directly to Rolf Woller, Head of Group Treasury and Investor Relations. This hierarchical structure will ensure smooth communication and effective collaboration between the departments involved in investor management. 

Korinth’s strong and reliable relationship with the company, as well as his previous experience, will make him a perfect liaison between the Volkswagen Group and investors. The appointment of Lars Korinth as Head of Investor Relations underlines the importance that Volkswagen attaches to transparency and the creation of lasting relationships with Volkswagen’s investors. With Karinth’s extensive knowledge of the company and his industry expertise, he will play a key role in financial reporting and in communicating the Group’s plans and strategies to investors. 

Lars Korinth will bring comprehensive experience and expertise to Volkswagen’s management team, supporting the company’s commitment to strong financial results and continued growth in the global automotive industry. With leadership and a focus on transparency, Korinth is expected to consolidate and strengthen Volkswagen’s reputation as a reliable and attractive company for investors, while driving innovation and sustainable success in the automotive market. This being a very difficult task as it’s very important for Volkswagen to invest into the future with its electric vehicles. Volkswagen demonstrates its focus on electric mobility and emission reductions, intending to become a leader in the transition to a greener automotive industry. Want to learn more about Volkswagen’s all-electric vehicles? 

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