Volkswagen Accelerates Design Production

October 8th, 2023 by

Photo credit: Volkswagen

Volkswagen continues to strive as many brands will soon see an impact on production with the UAW strike. Many employees set out to strike for better schedules, pay, and pension. The strike could have a remarkable impact on the market, over 150,000 workers planned to join. This could cause a delay in specific models, parts, and accessories that will have an impact on many dealerships and stores that sell parts.  Although Volkswagen will not see any delay in its production, it will see a rise in sales as other brands wait on production. 

Many brands are in the middle of its production with new designs and a major move into the electric market. The UAW is more important than ever, skilled technicians are necessary for success. The autoworkers are asking for 32-hour work weeks, an increase of 36 percent in salaries, cost-of-living increases, and the restoration of pension benefits to all workers. In addition, the UAW also requested an end to the use of temporary workers. Stellantins has made an official statement and continues to work with the UAW to come to an agreement. As the new vehicle market will see an impact, the used car market will also be impacted. 

Values for used vehicles will rise, a good thing for sellers and another obstacle for buyers. Volkswagen has many vehicles rolling into dealerships, for instance the high-anticipated 2024 ID.Buzz microbus. The 2024 ID.Buzz has unique features but retains some features identical to the original microbus or the “Groovy bus”, such as the rear-mounted engine as standard, helping the vehicle to have better traction, performance, and agility. The engine allows the ID.Buzz to achieve up to 282 horsepower. The ID.Buzz sets itself apart from the original microbus due to its high power output and of course it’s 91 kWh battery. The three-row model features a unique and efficient skateboard design, with the battery mounted on the floor, providing not only a space-saving design but also contributes to the vehicle’s weight being perfectly even. Ready to find out more about the 2024 ID.Buzz?

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