The Volkswagen Subsidiary Elli now offers Wall Box Chargers in Italy, Sweden and Spain

June 12th, 2023 by

Photo credit: Volkswagen 

Volkswagen’s subsidiary Elli who is responsible for all activities related to charging and energy is expanding its offer. Elli plans to improve customer satisfaction and help make the switch to electric vehicle chargers easy, now they have introduced new charging rates that took place as of June 1, 2023. This development was intended to offer greater flexibility to Elli’s esteemed customer base across Europe, ensuring that EV owners can conveniently charge their vehicles without being tied down by the limitations of existing pricing structures. One of the significant changes in the updated pricing system included the elimination of the per-minute charge rate across Europe.

The elimination of per-minute charge rates meant that customers no longer needed to keep track of the duration of their charging sessions. Instead, they could simply concentrate on connecting their vehicles to Elli’s AC chargers and reap the benefits of convenient charging, without having to worry about minute-by-minute costs. By eliminating this time-based pricing model, Elli simplified the charging process and provided a hassle-free experience for electric vehicle owners. In addition, Elli extended the grace period before charges were incurred for locking a charger, customers had more time to connect their vehicles to AC chargers before fees were applied. This change recognized the importance of flexibility and ensured that customers had ample opportunity to charge their vehicles without unnecessary financial burdens. 

Elli responded to customer feedback by reducing the minimum contract period for charging plans to just one month. This adjustment allowed customers to have greater control over their charging commitments and adapt their plans to their changing needs. The shorter minimum contract period will allow the benefits of Elli’s charging services without being tied to long-term contracts which was a customer issue. These new pricing measures implemented by Elli were designed to alleviate the impact of rising costs on new customers. As demand for electric vehicles continued to grow, cost increases became inevitable.  

Elli is committed to minimizing the impact of these cost increases by offering greater flexibility, simplified pricing structures, and shorter contract periods. Elli’s decision to revamp the charging fees reflected Volkswagen’s commitment to providing greater value and flexibility to its customers. Elli’s three wall box models include “Standard”, “Connect” and “Pro”. Each different wall box offers different features, Connect and Pro charger models are able to connect to the internet via WiFi unlocking many features via an app. Customers interested in installing a wall box can deal directly with Elli. Volkswagen and Elli remain at the forefront of the electric mobility revolution, continuously striving to provide innovative solutions that make sustainable transport more accessible to all.

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