The Unparalleled Efficiency of Volkswagen TDI® Clean Diesel

July 21st, 2015 by

We’ve all been there, on the road enjoying an extended road trip when we gaze down and realize the need for more fuel is rapidly approaching, so we pull off to stop, gas up and return to the road. In the modern age, efficiency is chief among the concerns of drivers, and Volkswagen has been on the forefront of automotive efficiency for many years. Part of what has kept the German automaker there is the inclusion of TDI® Clean Diesel, which provides the ability to pass more fuel stops than traditional gasoline engines.

For a comedic take on this, check out the following video.

The lineup of Volkswagen vehicles that include this technology contains some of the most recognizable models in the industry. Included here are the potential numbers for mileage on a single tank. We must reinforce the fact that driving habits weigh on mileage, but if driven as efficiently as possible, they’ll attain astounding numbers.

= Volkswagen Golf TDI – Up to 594 hwy miles, at 45mpg
– Volkswagen Jetta TDI – Up to 660 hwy miles, at 46 mpg
– Volkswagen Passat TDI – Up to 814 hwy miles at 44 mpg
– Volkswagen Beetle TDI – Up to 594 hwy miles, at 41 mpg
– Volkswagen Touareg TDI – Up to 765 hwy miles, at 29 mpg

As we said, there are many factors which contribute to the overall mileage of the vehicle, ut these numbers are impressive nonetheless, and the efficiency of the Volkswagen TDI® Clean Diesel lineup.

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