Volkswagen Brake Services

Certified Volkswagen Brake Services in Chesapeake, VA

Your safety is paramount in your car, and you want to make sure that you’re always in the safest conditions possible. The primary safety system in your vehicle is your brakes, and when the integrity of those is in question, you have a serious problem. That’s why you should service and inspect your brakes frequently, and at Southern Volkswagen Greenbrier, we have all the brake services you could need. We are just a short drive from North Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach. We’re committed to keeping our customers safe with every service we perform.

Our Catalogue of Certified Brake Services

Here are just some of the brake services we perform:

  • Brake Inspection – One of the easiest ways to stay safe is to have our experts look over your brakes and find any problems that might need to be resolved. They’re sure to find everything that could develop into a problem and help you know how to prevent it from becoming a problem.

  • Brake Fluid Exchange – Brake fluid is very vulnerable to contamination, so changing it often is an excellent way to keep your brakes at their best.

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  • Brake Pad Replacement – When your brake pads get too thin, they’ll need to be replaced by our certified technicians. We’ll ensure your new brake pads and clips are secured to your vehicle and ready to stop your car.

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  • Rotor Resurfacing or Replacement – The brake rotors may become glazed or warped well before they wear out; we can resurface the rotors, smoothing their surface to help you avoid paying for entirely new parts before it’s necessary.
  • Caliper Service – The brake calipers squeeze together to push the brake pads against the brake rotors, and they will regularly need to be cleaned, lubricated, and inspected to ensure that they are providing the necessary precision.

Volkswagen Brake Service

Our Stock of OEM Parts is Available to You

We carry the full range of OEM parts at our service center so that you can have the very best part for the job. OEM parts are identical to the parts installed in your vehicle during assembly, which means you’re getting genuine Volkswagen quality every time you use an OEM part. They’ve been thoroughly tested in your vehicle as well, so there’s never any possibility that your part might be incompatible or cause any problems with your vehicle.

Come to Southern Volkswagen Greenbrier for Your Brake Services

We’re happy to provide certified brake services for your Volkswagen. We know that the better control you have over your brakes, the safer you’ll be, and we’re proud to take part in increasing your safety on the roads. We provide complimentary multi-point inspections with any service, so you’ll get a report on your car’s future needs along with your certified service. Our technicians are ready to help you, so use our online scheduler or call us to set up your appointment today!

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