Key Points To Keeping Volkswagen Vehicles in Top Shape

September 17th, 2023 by

Photo credit: Volkswagen

At Southern Volkswagen, we are prepared to help, not just with selling a vehicle, but with servicing vehicles as well. Compared to small shops that might not be fully equipped to work on your specific vehicle, we are ready to transform vehicles into the healthy rides they should be this summer and beyond at our service center. Let us look at the main reasons to go to our trained technicians versus the other smaller businesses and break everything down for our customers.

Smaller shops are used to only handling a few clients a day and average fewer vehicles getting worked on. Many times they have fewer workers and less money to spend on training for modern vehicles. Specialists at Southern Volkswagen regularly are educated and informed on newer models each quarter of the year. We take pride in delivering superior service and repairs for vehicles. All work done by our technicians is always triple checked and guaranteed. 

Don’t Neglect Servicing! According to, a quarter of vehicles on the roads right now have low or dirty engine oil that will cause long term effects. Think of the engine as the most important part of a vehicle; because it is. The powertrain is responsible for making the vehicle move and relies on many parts and fluids to keep it running smoothly. We know the issues of dealing with poor engine quality as we help owners and their vehicles that have engines long overdue for oil changes, maintenance, and the occasional engine failure. What else should owners look out for? 

Our Standard procedures include reaching out to our customers and keeping them informed through the entire process. We can handle any vehicle customers have and focus on  Volkswagen vehicles. Just ask us what we can do to make sure a vehicle is safe and secure.

Another highlight is that our technicians are insured and covered. We are covered to make sure our shop is entirely safe and sound and that means well-trained employees and insurance practices. Feel free to ask us about how we have gone the extra mile to create a secure environment and remain protected for not only our business but for our customers as well. We at Southern Volkswagen are ready to show off our vehicles and welcome everyone to see them live in person or over the web as we cater to our customers everywhere!

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We’re all about helping our customers enjoy their shopping experience at Southern Volkswagen. We have a friendly and passionate sales team that will make your buying, leasing or selling needs easy for any of our new vehicle inventory. We’re here to help with any financial help, needs or suggestions to help make paying for a vehicle easier. Apply for Auto financing with our assistance right now. Stop by today and see what we can do for you Southern Volkswagen.

Don’t forget we have a trained service team that can help with an online appointment to get started on all maintenance work and repairs. We look forward to helping you at Southern Volkswagen.