Volkswagen Honors The Iconic Type 2 Transporter And The 2023 ID.Buzz

March 23rd, 2023 by

Photo credit: Volkswagen

The premier collector car event celebrates the history and culture of the original Volkswagen micro bus, this major event will coincide with the grand debut of the North American ID. Buzz. This major international collector car event included the return of The People’s Car and took place on March 5. The announcement of this news managed to impress thousands of attendees. Every enthusiast is familiar with Volkswagen’s humble T2 model. The  appeal that this model has accumulated was demonstrated by the transporter class, which was given at the event. 

The Concours recently celebrated the 28th anniversary of the event, and annually organizes a special class that is the result of the traditional categorization of the different competitions. In the past, the America Concours has performed the presentation cars that  participated in films and had performed the customization of bodywork on beetles. This year’s Concours class focused on honoring and celebrating the original Volkswagen Type 2 transporter. The Volkswagen Transporters Best in Class winner is the 1951 Deluxe 15-Window transporter, owned by Joe Mond of Dubuque. 

Volkswagen used several components from the Beetle Type 1 in the T2 with the sole purpose of developing different types of variations based on the original car while sharing its components to achieve better efficiency and production profitability. Its exterior design is finished in a perfect combination of two paint shades, Sealing Wax Red and Chestnut Brown. 

The judges that participated in the selection of the Best in Class award winner were Tim Suddard, Alexander Soultanis and comedian and Volkswagen T2 enthusiast Gabriel Iglesias.Volkswagen’s all-electric compact SUV ID.4 participated alongside the new successor to the T2 model the ID Buzz in the parade held on Sunday morning’s Taking Charge event. The appearance of the European ID.Buzz managed to inform all the attendees that participated in the event about the grand debut of its North American version with a longer wheelbase, the grand debut of the ID.Buzz model in North America will take place in the city of Los Angeles in eastern California.  With the upcoming debut of the new microbus, the automaker is organizing a premier event in the collector car world that celebrates the great history and culture of the brand’s original Transporter Type 2 minibus. Want to find out more about the 2023 Volkswagen ID.Buzz?

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