Travel Assist with Swarm Data Sets A New Standard For The Volkswagen ID.Family

April 1st, 2022 by

Photo credit: Volkswagen

Volkswagen is taking the next step towards automated driving with the new cloud-based and swarm intelligence. The new software generation 3.0 will hold an additional innovative boost for the ID family, setting new standards for the intelligent driver assistance systems. The new “Travel Assist with Swarm Data” has a greater capacity, voice control performance on a premium level that enables Assisted Lane Changing, and has park assist plus with memory function. Extending a new level of driving with software generation 3.0, Volkswagen is adding a multitude of new functions to all their all-electric ID.Models will enhance the user experience and optimize charging capacity. 

Volkswagen is pushing ahead with its transformation from a software-oriented mobility provider to becoming an expert in software integration and over-the-air updates. All buyers will benefit from the new software and will notice a major difference right away. Volkswagen plans to provide ID Software 3.0 free of charge for the owner of cars that have already been delivered such as the Volkswagen  ID.4 GTX, ID.4, ID.3, ID.5 and ID.5 GTX.

“The new ID. Software 3.0 is an upgrade for our whole ID. family: we are taking our products to a new level of functionality because we are working faster, are more connected, and are more customer-oriented,” stated Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen brand, responsible for Technical Development.

“Travel Assist with Swarm Data” is an available option for buyers of any vehicle in the ID.Family. Drivers will have the choice of turning the feature on and off. The “Travel Assist with Swarm Data” automatically keeps the vehicle in the center of the lane, it adapts to the driver’s driving style and can also drive further to the left or right of the lane instead exactly in the middle. The new technology will maintain the distance from the vehicle in front and keep to the present speed limit, it will predict the cruise control and turning assistance and it will adapt to the local speed limits and road layouts. There are two radars at the rear and using ultrasound technology to keep an eye on the surrounding traffic and it will actively support lane changes if the driver desires. The driver will be able to intervene at any time and take control of the maneuver. 

Even on country roads without a central lane marking, the vehicle will simply align itself with a detected lane boundary to stay in the lane. The purpose of this upgrade is to enhance the comfort and support of the driver. In addition to “Travel Assist with Swarm Data”, the new smart assistant “Park Assist Plus” can learn specific parking patterns and repeat them on its own. It can search for a parking space after it has been activated in the parking menu, the assistant can take full control of the car including steering, acceleration, braking, and gear changes. Another convenient new feature is “Park Assist Plus Memory Function”, the vehicle will be able to learn five different parking maneuvers. Drivers will just have to park once and save the parking maneuver and the driver will simply have to monitor the process.  

Volkswagen is making the integration of software in the vehicle and digital customer experience one of its core competencies. As the digitalization of the automobile increases, new interfaces with customers are emerging both inside and outside the vehicle. Customer needs and feedback are incorporated heavily into all stages of development throughout. Interested in test driving a vehicle in the ID.Family? 

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