Transporting A Holiday Tree Safely With Volkswagen SUVs

December 16th, 2022 by

Photo credit: Volkswagen 

Finally the Christmas season is here and many people are starting to prepare for this month full of gifts, friends, and happiness, this means that many people are already starting to choose the ideal tree to fill their home with that characteristic Christmas scent and achieve a very cozy atmosphere. Getting a good tree home is not going to be an easy task and can become a hassle, for this reason, Volkswagen has put together some pretty useful tips that can help people transport the tree in the Volkswagen SUV, making this vehicle an ideal model for this kind of occasion. Let’s see what are the following steps to follow to transport a tree safely and easily in a Volkswagen SUV this holiday season. 

For the Volkswagen SUV to be well prepared to transport the tree home, the owner must ensure that the tree is securely fastened to the vehicle either in the interior cabin or strapped to the roof without causing a scratch by accident. To achieve this, the owner of the Volkswagen SUV must have different materials such as extra blankets, ratchet straps, light-reflecting items (only if driving at night), and protective clothing so that the tree does not puncture the skin of the person carrying the tree, so wearing gloves for the hands will be very necessary. To transport the tree inside the cabin of the Volkswagen SUV, the driver must remove all unnecessary items from the vehicle. Should the customer own a Volkswagen ID.4 EV it is advisable to place the unneeded items in the storage space under the floor leaving a large space in the trunk of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is completely clean, a blanket should be placed over the entire rear of the SUV’s cabin to make collecting dirt and pine needles easier. 

To transport the tree safely on the roof of the Volkswagen SUV the owner should equip the vehicle with cross bars to prevent any scratches, or damage to the paint or sunroof, providing a secure base to place the tree on the roof of the vehicle. When selecting the straps that will hold the tree securely to the roof of the car, it is recommended to use ratchet straps as the thick, strong ropes hold the tree securely in place more precisely, while bungee cords, although more flexible, do not hold the tree in place effectively. Before choosing the ideal tree for this holiday season the Volkswagen SUV owner should take the necessary measurements of the roof space of his or her vehicle and likewise the owner should make complete measurements of the interior of the vehicle’s cabin. To determine the perfect tree size a very important point to take into account is the size of the SUV. For example, the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 has a cargo volume of 64.2 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded down, making the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 a great choice when transporting large items such as a Christmas tree. 

To begin transporting inside the Volkswagen SUV, the driver must ensure that the tree is securely strapped into the interior anchor points and the driver must also ensure that the front and rear windshields can be observed without complications. While transporting the tree on the roof of the Volkswagen SUV, the driver should give one or two tugs on the rope holding the tree to ensure that the shaft is securely fastened to the roof. If the tree moves, the driver should pull the ratchet straps harder to make sure that the tree does not move from the roof, it is best to carry the tree on the roof of the SUV in the daytime. Upon arriving home and putting the tree in place, the Volkswagen SUV owner should make sure that the tree has not left any thorns or sap in or around the vehicle. Thanks to the placement of the blankets inside the SUV, cleaning the SUV will be even easier, although if a stain is observed in the interior it should be cleaned immediately so that they come out more easily.

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